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Wait! What?! Cmon'   Thanks for the heads up.  Wouldn't it have been nice if they told you they were going to do this, and maybe even let you forward your domain to one from a new provider.. Of course not! Well This upset us! Sooo........

Coming soon to an internet connection near you!  The newest FREE domains, and!!

Why free your domains?  There are many you can choose from.  Why do we need more?

Try to find a .com you want.  There are so many it is tougher to get a good .com, same with the other free domains - eventually it will be tougher to find a good one.. Not only that, we wanted to take it one step further. We push our DNS through a cloudflare pro account to speed up your website.

This has one minor issue. if your site uses SSL, you will have to ask us to set your domain to bypass cloudflare and all of its benefits this is a limitation with cloudflare. A free domain probably isn't the best for an eCommerce site anyway.

Perfect for your everyday blogger, photographer, online community or any personal website. No technical stuff, no fuss.  Just point your domain, and enjoy the speed.

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